Customer says...


”When we bought the spreader it was a must that it was GPS ready. In 2012 we have retrofitted the spreader with GPS controlled headland management due to the fact that we are having many small fields with wedges and short rounds.”

”I practice the system offers a high level of comfort as the spreader automatically opens and closes the spreader outlets via the GPS. The only thing you must do is to let the GPS register the field boundary while spreading on the headlands. On the remaining field area the spreader opens and closes automatically on the headlands and also while driving in wedges.” 

”Last but not least the GPS controlled headland management system means that spreading in the early morning or late at night is simple and easy as the system will find the right position to open and close the spreader by it self, even when it is dark.”

Carsten Kjær Jacobsen and Søren Kock Sørensen, Odder, Denmark. M3W 3300 litres, 2007 model.