Section control and application maps

Section control and application maps

[Translate to Deutsch:] Section control

[Translate to Deutsch:] Our solution for section control ensures optimized overlap on headland and in wedges. The system regulates and adjusts the application rate of the fertiliser to the shape of the field. We work with 40 sections which regulate steplessly both in wedges and on headland. The system automatically closes the spreader's shutters in areas where fertiliser has already been applied - for example on the headland. 

Controlled traffic farming (CTF)

Application maps since 1991

In 1991, as the first in the world, we could offer a solution with GPS and application maps. If you use both section control and application maps on your farm we can also handle that. This can be done either with your current GPS system (eg. AgLeader, TopCon, Trimble), via ISOBUS or with our NAVI App GPS app for Android tablet. 

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