Die Technik basiert auf dem "Online" Prinzip, bei der das aktuelle Tankgewicht jederzeit exakt und kontinuierlich angezeigt wird.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Our solution for section control ensures optimized overlap on headland and in wedges. The system regulates and adjusts the application rate of the fertiliser to the shape of the field

[Translate to Deutsch:] In 1991, as the first in the world, we could offer a solution with GPS and application maps. If you use both section control and application maps on your farm we can also handle that.

[Translate to Deutsch:] The centrally controlled regulating system automatically adjusts the fertilisers dropping point on the spreading discs.

[Translate to Deutsch:] The agitator ensures a constant flow of fertiliser and therefore also a constant quantity. With eccentric movements the agitator leads the fertiliser to the outlet.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Our spreading system supports fixed tramlines, as we use only the same tramlines as eg. the sprayer - regardless of whether you have 24, 28 or 36 meters of working width.

[Translate to Deutsch:] For spreading vanes we use manganese steel simply because it has some clear advantages.

[Translate to Deutsch:] You get healthy machine economy when you invest in a Bogballe spreader as it solves several different tasks on the farm. 

[Translate to Deutsch:] We offer a wide range of spread charts for seeds.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Fight snails in a timely manner and avoid crop damage. We spread slug pellets up to 24 meters working width. 

[Translate to Deutsch:] Quick quantity setting in less than two minutes.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Make your own fertiliser analysis. The test kit controls and matches the fertiliser quality with your supplier's specifications.

[Translate to Deutsch:] It is possible that you find it expensive to purchase a new Bogballe spreader, but in return it is a good business in the long run. Confused? Click to read more.

[Translate to Deutsch:] The big values you fill in the spreader are handled gently by the proven spreading system, which delivers the fertiliser exactly the way you want it.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Our twin-disk spreader is a demanded item with high resale value in the used market.

Cleaning is thought into the spreader's design. On the large M-line spreaders a number of openings in the frame allow access to flush in areas where it is difficult to reach. 

Our Flexi-Coat powder painting provides first-class protection from corrosion - this ensures a long life for the spreader.

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