Spread Charts

Our Spread Charts app will give you quick access to our online database with thousands of available spread charts for your BOGBALLE fertiliser spreader.

  • Search for a specific fertiliser
  • Do an online fertiliser test
  • Find settings for YOUR seeds or slug pellets

The BOGBALLE spread charts will guide you all the way.

Furthermore, you’ll gain direct access to mounting videos, information videos etc.


For headland and section control we offer a complete "plug and play" solution consisting of a GPS antenna and a wireless iZURF communication module connected to our monitor CALIBRATOR ZURF.  

The iZURF module establishes a wifi zone around the spreader that can be accessed from a standard Android tablet installed with our GPS app


The GPS app runs fully automatic headland and section control. In addition you also get the possibility for measuring out straight or curved A-B lines.

The CALIBRATOR FREE concept is available for all W-spreaders with CALIBRATOR ZURF.

NB. You can download the app from Google Play  and run a demo version.

Tablet requirements

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