Free cloud solution

Bogballe automatically saves your valuable field data in Google Drive™
Why not use a system that you may already know - and then it's Free - Free - Free!

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Calibrator Totz

- Full touch color display
- Illuminated keys
- Full automatic corner spreading with SCD

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Media and Documentation

Visit our Media Portal and find manuals, leaflets, mounting instructions, videos, images etc.

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Do you want more even crops?

Choose Bogballe's own flexible and simple GPS solution.

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"Our focus is on 1 single product"

Optimal functionality and serviceability
is created on the basis of years of practical experience
in collaboration with farmers around the world.

The world's largest

M60W plus with a capacity of 6000 kg

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Leading manufacturer of fertiliser spreaders

BOGBALLE is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fertiliser spreaders. 

365 days a year we work on developing spreading technique for spreading mineral fertilisers - a technique that through generations has been a passion.


"Top application, performance and capacity.
Our next fertiliser spreader will without a doubt be a blue and yellow spreader.
We are also sure that this spreader must be equipped with the weighing technique due to the clear advantages, particularly for handling variations in the fertiliser."

"The L20W spreader is a kind of multipurpose machine. For the basic fertilising we used the combination of CALIBRATOR ZURF and NAVI App for section control in early spring. After harwest we have spread slug pellets to fight snail attacks in newly drilled oil seed rape. We also used it for establishing green cover crops."

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