"Our focus is on 1 single product"

The company was founded in 1934

The founder

 Mr. Anders Peter Laursen with his wife Ane.

"Made in Denmark"

Back in 1934, Bogballe's founder Anders Peter Laursen, started production of poultry farm equipment in the village of Bøgballe. In the early 1950s focus was shifted to the production of the well-known blue fertiliser spreaders. It was the start of a worldwide export, which has provisionally brought us to about 100 countries.

Today, 65 highly skilled employees work at the factory. We still produce all parts at the factory in Bøgballe, and can therefore still designate our products as "Made in Denmark".

Bogballe A/S is owned by Erhvervsinvest, which through active ownership is committed to maintaining and further developing Bogballe as a technology leader in mineral fertiliser spreaders.

  • Founded in 1934 by Mr. Anders Peter Laursen
  • Started production of hens nests and other poultry equipment
  • The first fertiliser spreader was produced in early 1950s
  • In 1964 the first test hall was build
  • In 1988 we introduced the world's first spreader with weighing technique
  • Production area 20.000 square metres
  • Export share: 95%
  • Number of export countries: 96

We are one of the world wide leading manufacturers of mineral fertiliser spreaders. 365 days a year we are thinking, developing and manufacturing the best techniques for distributing mineral fertiliser - a passion through generations. 

Optimal functionality and user-friendly design are based on years of practical experience in co-operation with farmers world wide.

At our disposal we have the latest high technology production facilities combined with proven facilities for development and full scale testing in our test hall. We are working all year around analysing fertiliser specifications, testing and formulating spread charts by spreading more than 200 ton of fertiliser each year. Our test hall is one of Europe´s biggest and most advanced and the only facility that is set up with two systems to manage both 2D and 3D testing.

 We are also one of the world’s leading manufacturers of salt and sand spreaders. Manufacturing large numbers of fertiliser spreaders means that our range of salt spreaders can be characterized as a high quality product when it comes to spreading technique, finish and surface treatment protection against a very aggressive environment.

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