Controlled traffic farming

Section Control - keep in the same tracks!
Do you already have, or do you have plans for controlled traffic farming in the field with fixed tramlines?

Our spreading system supports fixed tramlines, as we use only the same tramlines as eg. the sprayer - regardless of whether you have 24, 28 or 36 meters of working width. This is possible because the spread pattern is close to the spreader and the shutters close early at the end of the tramlines. Therefore, turning is carried out without problems in the excisting tramlines. This is one of the very special advantages of our in-center spreading system.

Benefits from the in-centre system:

  • The spread pattern is close to the spreader
  • Always the shortest possible turn at headland
  • No driving outside the sprayer tracks during turning
  • Supports possibility of permanent tracks for all tasks (Controlled Traffic)
  • Less crop damage in the headland area for higher overall yields

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"I wish he would get a BOGBALLE spreader - not having to turn on my field..."
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