Section Control Dynamic

Which direction?

· Clockwise driving direction
· Anti-clockwise driving direction

More advantages with Section Control Dynamic

With an M-line spreader and Section Control Dynamic, you achieve a number of additional benefits, as the system contains several additional functions that are extremely useful.

First of all, the solution contains a dynamic headland spreading system for working widths from 27-42 metres. The combination of the in-center system’s 180º overlap zone between the left and right spreading disc and Section Control Dynamic, which controls the shape of the spreading pattern, is the ideal solution for headland spreading. The system is extremely flexible and allows for presets for different rate application strategies in connection with the headland spreading. It can be set to spreading 90%, 100% or 110% application quantity on the headland. At the same time, you can freely choose whether the field border is to the right or left side in the direction of travel.

Section Control Dynamic is standard on M60W and M45W, but can advantageously also be mounted on M35W spreaders as an optional extra for 27-42 meter working widths.

One-Two-duo, headland spreading both front and rear

A front mounted spreader works the opposite way. In order to achieve the correct distribution for headland spreading, the front-mounted spreader must be set to spread to the opposite side, as it works “backwards”. If you drive with the field border to theright in the direction of travel, the front-mounted spreader must do headland spreading spreading to the left. Dynamic headland spreading is ideal for this purpose as it can perform headland spreading to both sides.

Headland spreading strategy

The system can be pre-set to apply 90%, 100% or 110% rate in connection with headland spreading.

Free choice of driving direction

With Section Control Dynamic as headland spreading solution, you decide for yourself which side of the spreader the field border is during headland spreading.

It provides plenty of flexibility in terms of optimizing driving behaviour in the field. The tractor driver is free to choose whether to drive with the field border to the right or left side. It provides the opportunity to adapt and optimize driving on each individual field and thereby reduce time consumption.

Always choose the “easy” way

Avoid driving up hill with full hopper during headland spreading.

No interruptions during work

The combination of the Section Control Dynamic actuators and the in-center rotation makes it possible to switch between headland and normal spreading while driving.

Spread charts

The correct pto rpm‘s in connection with headland spreading is stated in the spread charts, which you can find at www. or via our app for Android and iOS.

Which side – your choise

Field border to left or right side. The choice can even be made while driving without interrupting the spreading.

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